The Cloud Gate, The Woods Studios, Unit 15-24 Botanic Square, London City Island, London, E14 OLH

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Located at The Woods Studios on London City Island. The Cloud Gate is a space to explore the
limitless possibilities of the body and its subtle bodies healing capacity. Named after an
acupuncture point on the lung meridian, The Cloud gate has the ability to lift a patient,
supporting the reconnection with focus, direction and the beauty of the world. Sometimes
all we require is a little clarity through the clouds. The Cloud Gate is created around
therapies that are enhanced by our senses. The senses are a gateway to healing, a means of
rebalance through the gifts we receive from them when the intention is to support health.
Our therapists are not only experienced in their practice, but experienced in creating a
bespoke, professional environment for our clientele to explore the realms of healing,
relaxation and bliss within a beautiful space, with exquisite service.

- Michelle Adams, Creator and Director of The Cloud Gate 


Michelle Adams 
The Cloud Gate Director & Visionary

Michelle, being a registered member of The British Acupuncture Council, practices their Codes of Conduct & Safe Practice. She has full professional indemnity insurance and her practice ( The Cloud Gate ) is registered with the authorities under environmental and health and safety standards.