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All of our Therapists are fully qualified and insured. Please note that when booking your desired therapy, you will liaise directly with the practitioner performing your treatment. If they are unavailable we can assign another therapist to you. Payment is also arranged privately with your practitioner. 


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Acupuncture & Naturopathic Nutrition

Michelle is the Director and Visionary of The Cloud Gate. She is a clinically experienced practitioner of naturopathic nutrition, Traditional Chinese and Five Element Acupuncture with formal studies at Kingston University and The College of Integrated Chinese Medicine. She believes that the human body is capable of great self-healing when the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies are aligned. Through her dedicated practice, she awakens this capability through her patients by not only supporting them with the application of treatment but providing them with a framework that supports the whole person, allowing the body and its subtle bodies to align into balance. Michelle also works with the internal seasons within a person, to aid communication between the internal organs, physical ailments and the emotions. Able to support physical ailment and injury, alongside emotional and mental disorder, Michelle uses an integrated technique of acupuncture and nutrition to guide her patients back to health and vitality.



Aromatherapy & Massage

Laurence Sessou graduated from the University of Westminster with a BSc.chp in Natural Therapeutics; she has also spent months studying with Master Poo Ong Dam (teacher/healer in ancient Thai massage) in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand. Here she gained knowledge and understanding of how the energy of the body flows in great detail. In addition, she is skilled in Indian Head Massage, Compress Massage and natural face-lift ‘Facial Rejuvenation’. Over time, she has achieved positive results in the treatment of stress and anxiety, muscular pains, circulation problems, insomnia, ME, MS, headaches, improved joint mobility, enhanced physical conditioning after injury and much more.
Coming from a long line of natural healers; traditions and rituals of ancient people and tribes are the source of Laurence’s inspiration. Her Grandfather was a Chief and healer alongside her Grandmothers who were shamanic dancers and priestess. Animism is the path her ancestors followed; they believed there is life and energy in everything.
Laurence believes bodywork is more than just a therapy. In her view, it is a way of life and she enjoys helping clients understand their bodies in a holistic way.

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Wellness Coaching

Michelle Escoffery is a life-craft coach with almost two decades of experience. She supports makers & professionals to find constructive stillness in life's chaos, to balance creativity with the demands of daily life.

 As an award winning professional singer-songwriter of 28 years, Michelle is intimately acquainted with the pressures of the entertainment industry and the endurance it takes to face the hardships, conflicts and work/life/spirit balance. In response, and as a gifted spiritual guide, she has developed the discipline of getting results through the art of self-care and sacred ritual, building towards equilibrium and maintaining presence.

She can work one-on-one or lead groups to unleash the visions they have for their lives through action-based tasks strengthening the connection to self through spiritual and healing practices. This includes wellness and success coaching, hands on energy alignment bodywork and causal treatments to aid the mind-body to reconnect, reclaim, heal and rejuvenate

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Simone Smith is a Psychotherapeutic Counsellor who has extensive experience in addiction and substance abuse recovery. Her specialism has resulted in her travelling around the world to learn the wisdom from ancient civilizations to harness the power of the subconscious mind through accessing different states of consciousness.

She holds a degree level qualification in Humanistic Counselling and Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy. As a survivor of early trauma herself, she has first-hand experience in the bravery it takes to triumph over adversity and face one’s own fears. She brings her experience to help navigating her clients through some of the toughest times of their lives and to reach a state of self-acceptance that was once never believed. 


Simone is inspired by Inner Child Integration work and Shadow Exploration through the use of entheogenic therapies which is deeply ground in scientific and ethical practice. Advocating for those who seek their own truth through psychological and transpersonal exploration.



Carole has been a Reiki Practitioner since 2009, and a teacher of Reiki since 2013. Her professional background is in medicine, and this is where she witnessed the benefit's that Reiki and other complementary therapies contributed to an individual's recovery whilst undergoing cancer treatment.


Offering 1-1 or small group teachings in all levels of Reiki, her style of teaching is very practical and hands on. This is to ensure that you will feel confident and understand the concept of giving and receiving energy. The purpose of working with energy at this level will assist the body into the best possible position to heal itself on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Learning Reiki does not necessarily mean you wish to progress further to become a practitioner; level 1 concentrates on healing yourself then if you wish to develop more the option is there.


Carole thrives off helping people and ensures this will be a meaningful, magical, and joyful experience for yourself and others.

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Emotional Clearing Practitioner

Inka Linda is an emotional clearing practitioner, workshop facilitator, and womb artist who facilitates sessions and workshops for women to clear dense emotional baggage in their womb space through menstrual mentoring and bespoke womb ceremonies.

Her background in the creative arts and energetic healing ignites her passion to help women intimately and creatively reconnect with the embodied wisdom of their womb space and transcend intergenerational self-limiting beliefs of shame and judgment around their menstrual cycles. 

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Shamanic Healing

As a mother of two and international fashion model, Sjoukje travelled the globe extensively before finally laying roots in the UK in 2000. Sjoukje has been working with energy healing disciplines for the best part of two decades, including Reiki, Regression Therapy and Shamanic healing. 

Most recently she has undertaken training with renounced teachers on Shamanism in the West. Sandra Ingerman and Imelda Almqvist. Sjoukje completed two courses on ‘Shamanic Journeying for Guidance and Healing’, undertaken under the tutelage of Sandra Ingerman through the Shift Network. Sjoukje was so moved by the work, it inspired her to deepen her studies in 2017 with Imelda Almqvist on an intensive two-year ‘Shamanic Practitioner’ training in London.

Sjoukje attributes the Shamanic healing to resolving of her own personal challenges.Today she is devoted to deepen and share this beautiful and profound work.