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In this course, we will be uncovering...

  • The Five Elements  
    Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood
  • The emotions associated within each element  
  • The organs associated within each element  
  • The physical and energetic functions and interactions between the emotions and the organs within and between the elements  
  • How imbalance within the elements can manifest physical illness within the elemental organs as well as mental, emotional and spiritual disruption  
  • The Five ‘Spirits’
  • What if you COULD EMBODY your physical being fully?
  • What if you COULD EMPOWER yourself by realising the strength in your emotions rather than weakness?
  • How would it FEEL to get a grip of the body mind?

Introduction To Embodying The Elements

  • Learn the foundations of the Five Elements which is the basis of all existence, and integrative ways in which to implement the wisdom to enhance your mental, emotional and physical state.