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  • The emotions associated with FIRE
  • The organs associated with the FIRE elements
  • What an in balance FIRE element can bring to your internal alchemy and external world
  • How in balance FIRE  can manifest physical illness within the elemental organs as well as mental, emotional and spiritual disruption
  • What these imbalances look like
  • Learn how to nourish is holistic wellbeing , creating internal alchemical stardust and gold for limitless potential


What if you COULD EMBODY your physical being fully?


What if you COULD EMPOWER yourself by realising the strength in your emotions rather than weakness?


How would it FEEL to get a grip of the body mind?

Embodying The Elements - Fire

  • Just as a healthy plant naturally produces flowers, a healthy person produces a healthy Fire. When our Fire element is healthy, it responds, in turn with the other elements, to appropriately create a balanced alchemical reaction between our emotions and our organs.

    The FIRE element creates warmth in our lives. Like a thermostat. It knows when to warm and open and when to separate the pure from the impure.