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"Michelle doesn't just do acupuncture as a physical or medical treatment, she
brings so much of herself, her compassion, her wisdom and own life
experiences to the sessions. It's more like therapy, friendship, nutritional
advice, life coaching and acupuncture all rolled into one to offer a truly holistic
experience. You could go to her with clear physical ailments, or for those times
in life where things are just not right, but you can't put your finger on what it
is. You'll feel safe and supported in her space. I definitely recommend" - Mona, 2019


"It was my first time having a massage with Laurence and it was pure magical bliss. I had been doing yoga a few days before and my body was stiff but after the session my body was supple and super relaxed; it felt so lovely. Laurence created a beautiful and welcoming environment for me to just relax and drift off. I can not recommend Laurence enough she really goes deep to release any tension you have in your body. Can not wait to return for my next session. Thank you Lady" - Jaha, 2019


"Aleksandra Jawulska is a very welcoming, friendly and generous therapist.  She has the ability to calm you and make you feel relaxed even before your treatment; due to her natural calm nature.
She offers a combination of treatments from facial and head massages to full body all of which are done through consultation to suit the needs of the client.
She is not a chatty therapist, all the talking is done in the meeting and greeting and consultation before and after treatment.  This was nice and something I liked very much, as during the treatment between the ambience, music, and massage, her focus is on your needs.  During my treatments with her I felt like time was moving perfectly slow, that I had all the time in the day to lay there and be pampered, that is exactly what her energy does, surround you and knead you to feel wonderful, and better than when you arrived.  
There is a difference between a good and fantastic therapist, and Aleks gives the latter.  With confident, rhythmic hands, and a wonderful sense of touch her massages are tailored in combination using massage technique to your physical needs. Be it an injury, strain, stress or just pure relaxation.
She is responsive and excellent at treating injury, finding the trouble spots quickly and works to get the problem knots and tension out of the body.  She uses the most appropriate technique for the areas she works on.  Her massage therapy treatments are calm and energizing.  Her strokes are deep, calming, long and nurturing.  She definitely listens to your body's needs and gives you a massage that is grounding, and healing. Her pressure and technique are really great and she is both relaxing and therapeutic" - Akosua, 2019


"Sjoukje is a highly attuned and sensitive practitioner. The comfort and ease you feel in her presence and her lovely space is equal to the astonishingly spot on guidance and healing she delivers. It is quite astounding how accurate her preliminary journeys are, so she knows exactly what is needed before you even step foot through her front door. She is also an excellent rune reader. I cannot recommend her enough!" - Renate, 2019