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Acupuncture is part of the ancient practice of Traditional Chinese medicine.
Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners insert fine painless needles into acupuncture
points which are connected by pathways or meridians in order to restore any
disturbance in energy flow. These pathways create an energy flow (Qi, pronounced
Chee) through the body that is responsible for overall health. Disruption of the
energy flow can cause dis ease within the body. The flow of Qi can be disrupted in
many ways: emotional upset, physical trauma, injury, poor diet and overwork are all
common examples. By examining the underlying cause and how it has affected the
body, the most appropriate treatment for each patient can be selected. Treating the
patient as an individual is at the core of acupuncture treatment and is vital in
successfully assisting the body to rebalance itself.
Cupping and Moxibustion may also be used in select treatments
‘The British Acupuncture Council ‘provides all the latest evidence-based facts on
acupuncture, and also provided a comprehensive A-Z list of the conditions acupuncture aids.



Get your energy back and your life on track using the four energy4life modalities: energy balance, energy psychology, energy food and energy exercise.

Overcome blocks and expand your awareness of who you really are and who you want to be;  strengthening the connection to self through spiritual and healing practices.

This includes wellness and success coaching with the intention of setting actionable goals. In addition, hands-on energy alignment bodywork and causal treatments are used to aid the mind-body allowing it to reconnect, reclaim, heal and rejuvenate itself to thrive and flourish.

Life-Craft Coaching: balancing the ebb and flow, bringing all of you into alignment. This form of coaching supports you in developing effective tools to manage stress, avoid burning out, getting your life on track and energy back. Thus bringing the spiritual, physical and professional into balance.

Are you ready to craft your own future?

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Aromatherapy has been used for thousands of years in ancient cultures including China, India and Africa. Taking many forms such as resins, balms and oils it can be defined as the art and science of utilizing naturally extracted aromatic essences from plants to balance, harmonize, and promote the health of body, mind and spirit. Aromatherapy works through the sense of smell and skin absorption providing management of pain, improved sleep and digestion and much more. 

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In a Shamanic Healing session the Spiritual (Root,Original) cause of illness is addressed. Whether the client brings Mental,Physical or Emotional challenges that stand in the way of them living their life to the fullest or that stands in the way from living from a place of harmony and balance.

This work is Spirit led and the Shamanic Practitioner will seek guidance from Spirit in which way to support the client in their journey to healing and which methods would most benefit the client at this time. In the session tools might be used for healing like the drum, voice and the rattle. A practitioner will only ever journey on your behalf or seek guidance with your consent

Benefits of Shamanic Healing

  • Enhanced ability to create desired life changes.

  • Increased vitality and power.

  • Expanded sense of wholeness and well-being.

  • Strengthened Immune system

  • Stronger connection to spiritual source and soul purpose

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The term Reiki is a Japanese word meaning ‘Universal Energy’. Reiki is an ancient form of natural energy healing that requires the practitioner to gently place their hands in a sequence of non-intrusive positions in order to invoke emotional and spiritual balance.

The purpose of working with energy at this level will assist the body into the best possible stance to heal itself on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

Level 1 concentrates mostly on healing yourself and you may wish to stop at this level.

Level 2 allows you to treat others, and your connection to the source will be greater through the introductions of symbols.

Level 3 introduces further master symbols and includes the teaching element.

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Massage takes on many forms, yet the essence can be expressed similarly through the physical, emotional, energetic changes it creates. 

Physically it affects the muscle, connective tissue, blood and lymphatic flow, nervous system and organs. 

Everyday postural tendencies cause muscular tension, and stress impacts the other body systems, both can be addressed by working on the body holistically. Increasing flexibility, range of motion, circulation, balance and healthy functioning as a whole. 

Emotionally it slows down the mind, releases trapped traumas, and nurtures.

It also improves focus, concentration and rejuvenates us back into our daily flow.

Energetically in can aid in the release of blockages, bringing about more balance.

We currently offer: 


Deep Tissue 


Indian Head Massage

Neuromuscular Technique 

Facial Rejuvenation 

Remedial Massage

Lumi Lumi (Ancient Hawaiian ritual massage)


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Who are you when no-one is looking? Do you have dreams of living a different life? Do you have the courage to fulfil your highest potential? 


There are many questions we can ask ourselves in pursuit of feeling better or becoming more emotionally healthy. Scientists have discovered we are almost 95% controlled by our sub-conscious minds.  These are the places that do not want to be seen; maybe it is to trust others, to feel loved and supported or valued and understood.  Many of the issues we face later in life were mapped out in our earliest years and the therapeutic relationship helps us to understand and overcome these patterns of behaviour that limit our potential in adulthood.

Having the courage to face our deepest fears may only truly be understood in times of distress. In the sessions you will explore what is going on in your life to understand how this impacts on your day to day living and how you can best generate freedom of choice for yourself.

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Menstrual Mentorship involves helping women reconnect to the knowledge and wisdom of their menstrual cycles in order to apply practical tools to live in balance and harmony with our body, mind and soul. Menstrual Mentorship is a powerful and transformational way to design your life around self-care, self-awareness and unapologetically own your feminine power. 


Benefits of Menstrual Mentorship:

  • More defined boundaries of self-respect and self-care

  • Deeper connection to self, spirit, creative callings and intuition

  • Balanced lifestyle of professional work, socializing, and health

  • Create more empowered choices about personal relationships


What is Womb Emotional Clearing?

Womb Emotional Clearing is a practice of diving into the womb to energetically clear any past traumas, experiences, and emotions that block the powerful and important connection between the heart and womb space. When we have stagnant emotions trapped within our womb space, it can ripple into our day to day lives and affect our relationships, our connection to our inner voice and confidence. 


Benefits of Womb Emotional Clearing:

  • Clearing out disempowering habits, patterns of behaviour and self-limiting beliefs

  • Gain closure around previous partners, sexual experiences, and ancestral baggage

  • Cut energetic cords 

  • Access inner womb’s voice as guidance and reduced anxiety



What is your relationship with your voice? Do you feel free to express yourself fully? Do you speak your truth? Do you long to hear your inner soul song? What stories are you telling yourself?

Vocal activation is a deep, raw and incredibly rewarding journey that guides you in remembering that you are the true author of your reality. Within these sessions you will remember your truth, resurrect oral storytelling traditions, ignite your unique sound code frequencies and reframe any limiting beliefs into truths that serve your highest power and potential. This is an opportunity to connect to your inner storyteller and embrace the powerful essence of your vocal expression.


The reality we speak, write and sing into existence is the one we live by.



Tarot Reading is an ancient art dating back to the seventeenth century, formed of 77 cards the imagery and messages provide a symbolic map of consciousness to those who are seeking answers regarding the past, present or future. Representing the individuals journey spiritually and practically; the specific layout of the Tarot cards is up for interpretation. This is a practice of divine wisdom that provides guidance and insight into the innermost truths of the seekers higher self. Resulting in an evolved awareness of what you already knew deep within but may struggle to bring to light. Ultimately Tarot provides clarity to whats going on externally and is useful when one is feeling confused and overwhelmed.

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Reflexology is an ancient therapy that stimulates the nerve endings or "reflex areas" on the feet and hands that are connected energetically to specific organs and body parts through energy channels in the body. When pressure is applied to the reflex points it removes energy blockages and helps to restore homeostasis balance in the body. Reflexology also eliminates toxins, promotes relaxation, relieves headaches and PMS symptoms; this practice is proven to improve fertility and more.

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